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House of Prayer & Praise is a healthy, growing and engaging ministry. We desire that every member take advantage of the wonderful opportunities to meet new people and establish new relationships. We want you to become part of our team! Below are some of the Support Ministries here at HOPP. Read the brief description of each ministry to see where you desire to serve. Once you have decided contact Membership Services.


This ministry is designed to assist the development of men within the church. It focuses on becoming examples of God’s power. Opportunities are provided for men of all ages to come together to fellowship.


This ministry designed for women of all walks of life. Women of all ages are a part of this ministry and are given opportunities to fellowship and grow in the love and knowledge of God.


This is an outreach program targeting the youth in and around the metropolitan area. The staff reaches out to offer a quality program in a safe environment while addressing issues youth face. The ministry provides positives reinforcement to live a life of victory.


The Singles ministry provides a comfortable atmosphere for singles to strengthen their relationships with the Lord and develop meaningful relationships with each other. Single, divorced, and widowed men and women of all ages are a part of this ministry.


This ministry provides support to families and marriages to build upon the foundation of marriage from a biblical perspective. We promote fellowship and spiritual growth for married couples.


This ministry strives to provide children with the knowledge and understanding that serving God is not just a Sunday experience, but it can be lived in their daily lives. This ministry builds character and faith in a fun way. They strive to teach children while also reaching their families.


The deacons support and encourage families through prayer and guidance. Deacons prepare and conduct communion services and baptisms during the first Sunday 4pm services.


This ministry is responsible for embracing congregates as they enter the House of Worship. Their presence provides an atmosphere of love and a welcoming spirit to those who enter for worship. The staff members serve at all events.


This ministry ensures that etiquette is maintained during worship services. Staff members are on duty for all worship services, funerals, and other church functions.


This ministry provides care for God’s people during worship services and for special engagements. The staff assists with ensuring comfort for the membership and the Pastoral staff.

Sign Language

This unique ministry fulfills a great need. The members interpret the spoken word for the hearing impaired during weekly services.


This ministry provides a safe and secure environment. Staff members are on duty for all events.


This ministry provides quality meals for a variety of events. These events include Soul Food Sundays, funerals and other special events on the church calendar.


This upfront ministry ushers in the Spirit of the Lord and prepares the environment for worship. The ministry provides quality uplifting music and songs of worship for all weekly services, special services, and designed events such as weddings and funerals.


The media ministry provides quality audio and visual services. Worship services are recorded and sold on audio and video media. The media ministry store opens after each service for tape and CD sales.


This is an Evangelistic tool to reach the lost. To reach those who may not come to hear a sermon but are open to come see a word based production. Holiday productions are the main focus of this ministry.


This special ministry provides illustrations that bring scripture passages and contemporary parables to life through pantomime. The ministry delivers spectacular movements to songs and spoken words.


This ministry interprets worship songs through dance. The ministry gives the membership the opportunity to experience the emotions of spiritual songs.


This ministry providies design and marketing assistance through the advancement of information and image branding.

Special Events Team

This ministry is responsible for booking and ensuring that special events are accurately accommodated. For an additional fee, the staff will provide such services as decorating, music, food and other staffing needs.